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Payroll Services Egypt
PEO Services Egypt - Coemployement Services
PEO Services Egypt - Coemployement Services

A Professional Employment Organisation (PEO) service provides solutions to help businesses manage their personnel responsibilities.  Keys Payroll LLC relieves its clients of time consuming personnel tasks, and helps its clients focus on their core business activities.

PEO services in Egypt:
- Hires staff on behalf of clients under Keys Payroll LLC’s local entity in Egypt, prepares the employment contracts which is in adherence to labor law rules in Egypt, conducts all post-hire activity, including necessary paperwork
- Customizes employment contracts to client requirements
- Registers staff at social insurance authorities, gets their documentation processed
- Calculates employee taxes and social insurance and monthly gross to net salaries
- Pays their monthly dues to both social insurance and tax authorities
- Electronic password protected payslips with your company logo available to employees directly
- Keeps track of their annual leave balances
- Can provide private medical insurance upon clients’ requests
- Guides its clients regarding labor law and government’s rules and regulations by which we all must abide
- Guides and relieves client of termination procedures when required.
- Preparation of Employee Handbook customized to provide your companies policies and procedures and ensure it's in compliance with local labour

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